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Campaign Management
A successful campaign is built on communication and organization. We will create a customized plan of action that will maximize your outreach to donors. Weekly reports from Corcoran & Co. ensure communication across your organization. And when gaps or opportunities emerge, Corcoran & Co. has the expertise to take immediate action.

Whether your event is just getting off the ground or is in its tenth year, we ensure you are utilizing every possible strategic tool to maximize your results. We work with your current structure to avoid duplicating efforts or managing tasks you already have under control. With new ideas and the right resources we will help keep your event modern and fun, ensuring it runs smoothly from start to finish. A successful event can bring your organization to that next level, and often the cost of outsourcing event planning pays for itself.

Strategic Plans & Retreats
You will come away with a meaningful and affordable action plan to ensure you are raising money at every step along the path to effectively accomplishing your mission. We truly engage your board, staff, and volunteers and ensure your organization is financially sound through a built-in plan of follow-up and accountability.

Using the resources you already have in place, we cultivate each potential sponsor for maximum relationship building while utilizing—and often expanding—your current donor base. Our goal is to engage every available resource to its full advantage and ensure that this effort is part of your overall mission, thus retaining and cultivating long-term relationships.

Board Training
Whatever your board might be missing, it can be identified and obtained. We can teach, coach, and assist your current board, with an emphasis on re-energizing them and developing trust and conviction. We give each board member the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to make the most meaningful contribution to your organization and foster an environment that will allow your board to be productive, efficient, and accountable.

Donor-centric Language
Do your donors respond well to your communications? Do they look forward to receiving emails from you?  If the answer is no, we can help. We can develop language (newsletters, thank-yous, scripts, annual reports, campaigns — whatever you need) that truly speaks to your donors’ priorities and strengthens their connection to your work.

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